Help us.  Help you.


There simply aren’t enough Christian book options for eight to thirteen-year-olds.  The Bible Club Mysteries aims to help.  With a storyline built around Matthew chapter twenty-two, the book strives to engage children in God’s Word and to teach them what it means to follow Jesus.

Here’s where you come in.


Let’s help each other with the shared goal of growing our children in their knowledge and love of God.


Sell the Bible Club Mysteries at your Christian School or Homeschooling Co-op and you can have the profit that a retailer would make—four dollars per book.


Here’s how it works.


1. Simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll send you a preview copy of The Bible Club Mysteries: The Case of the Ten-Thousand Dollar Gumball, advertising cards to distribute to your families, and a color poster.

2. Let us know how many books you need.

3. Collect the $12 per book ordered.  You keep $4 per book and send us the rest.  (We can send you a Paypal invoice, or you can send a check.)

4. You’ll receive your books in about ten business days.


It’s a small thing, but small things can change the world.


So, join the Bible Club today, and let’s help each other share the Good News, one child at a time.